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Job Shop Management Software

Would anyone dare tell you, “This software solution will last you twenty years.”  Any solution provider making this claim today will likely have his visit shortened by a cynical prospect.  Yet shop owners and managers using MICROSHOP® know that this is no empty claim.  On the market since 1980, MICROSHOP® is a mature and full-featured software solution for the management of order-driven job shops, build-to-order shops, and make-to-stock shops.

Years of experience invested in this manufacturing software system ensure MICROSHOP's flexibility and ease of use while providing one of the most comprehensive systems available anywhere.

Phased implementation plans accommodate any company's budget and resources. With MICROSHOP® you may make your project as big or as small as you require.  With numerous “phase-in” implementations throughout the country, MICROSHOP® has proven to be as flexible as it is versatile.

System Overview

Core Modules

bulletAccounts Payable – Manages invoices, credit memos, check processing and reconciliation, aging and reporting, and independent contractors.
bulletAccounts Receivable – Enables you to post sales and cash receipts for complete control of all transactions that affect a customer's account: sales history, payment history, open invoices, aging information, and credit status.
bulletGeneral Ledger – Tracks detail or summary transaction distributions posted from other modules in the system. Uses recurring, reversing, and prior period entries to create adjustments and minimize data entry.
bulletInventory – Maintains costing, pricing, and raw materials information to keep availability and ordering under tight control. Extensive item usage and sales information for making purchasing and stocking decisions.
bulletJob Cost – Provides job costing, job management, and shop floor control. Lets you create, track, and audit single and multilevel work orders to any level of detail. Gives up-to-the minute exception reporting and cost analysis.
bulletJob Stream – Streamlines periodic processing by running reports and updates in a user-defined sequence without operator intervention.
bulletOrders & Invoicing – Handles all phases of sales order processing, from the time the order is placed through shipping and invoicing.
bulletQuoting & Estimating – Lets you create simple quotes or very detailed estimates. Stores won and lost quotes for historical reference. Converts a quote to a sales order and a work order automatically.

Additional Modules

bulletBar Code Data Collection – Automates time ticket collection in Job Cost by eliminating handwritten time tickets and manual data entry.
bulletBill of Materials – Maintains the lists of materials required to manufacture standard products. Can be used to create multilevel work orders in Job Cost.
bulletCAD Interface – Enables you to pass a material list from a CAD system to MICROSHOP in order to create standard bills of materials, work order material requirements, and indented work order headers for components and subassemblies.
bulletCommand Central – Contains a Contact Manager program that enables you to keep track of customers, vendors, and prospects; and a group of Desktop Options that provides convenient office and work management utilities.
bulletMicro Image – This Windows-based program lets you view bitmap images of your items on-screen while you work in MICROSHOP.
bulletPayroll – Processes your payroll without the expense of outside service bureaus. Prepares and prints tax reports, stores historical compensation and deduction records, and imports time entry data from Job Cost.
bulletPurchase Orders – Controls all purchasing operations. Lets you tie purchases for nonstocked materials directly to the job, or purchase to stock for closely monitored raw materials.
bulletSales Analysis – Provides an extensive analysis of current and past sales trends.
bulletScheduling – Lets you evaluate and manage the shop's existing resources, including machine capacity and human resources. A choice of scheduling methods accommodates a variety of shop conditions, allowing for more realistic scheduling and better-managed customer delivery dates.
bulletVSI*fax and Zetafax – Fax documents directly from your MICROSHOP system, without having to print them first.

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